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The summoning circle is a cursed possession that is used to summon the ghost. This can be used to get a ghost photo reward.


As a cursed possession, the summoning circle has a 1 in 6 chance of being the chosen item that will spawn on a map, and will generally be found in an area big enough to fit the entire circle.

The summoning circle can be used by lighting all five red candles with a lighter. Each candle deducts 16% sanity for nearby players, leading to a total of 80% being deducted for all candles. Summoning circle candles can extinguish after a while or be blown out by the ghost, in the same way as regular candles.

dark transparent shadow

A Shade's appearance in a Summoning Circle

Once all five candles are lit, the ghost is summoned and fully materialized, except a Shade, which has a chance of appearing as a transparent shadow. The summoned ghost stays motionless for about 5[verify] seconds, unable to kill players. This stationary period is considered a ghost event. However, the front door will lock immediately after lighting the last candle. After this "grace period", it immediately initiates a cursed hunt on the spot, without the additional 1 second grace period. Once the summoning circle is activated, it cannot be used again.

If the circle is lit while a hunt is ongoing, the ghost will be teleported to the middle of the circle without interrupting the hunt, potentially killing players on the spot. The summoning circle's grace period does not apply in this case. Doing this will also extend the hunt (and all future hunts in the same contract) by 20 seconds.

Unlike other cursed possessions, using the summoning circle does not cancel the setup phase.[note 1]


  • To prevent a hunt starting before the ghost can be summoned, use Smudge Sticks near the ghost just before lighting the circle.
  • Where needed, most Optional Objectives can be completed directly or indirectly using the summoning circle.


  • The border of the summoning circle repeats the English words "sacrifice your sanity" transliterated into a runic alphabet.


Early Access (Steam)
0.5.0 Added summoning circles as a cursed possession. Summoning circles now deduct 16% sanity per candle instead of 20% for when the ghost materialises.


  1. This is likely a bug.