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Tanglewood Street House is a small map in Phasmophobia. It is a small single-story home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Tanglewood can often make for a swift investigation due to its small size, but the open floor plan and only three accessible coat-closets can cause it to be very dangerous during a hunt.


Tanglewood Street House has three bedrooms (including a nursery), two toilets, a garage, and a basement, among other rooms.

This map has 1 Teddy Bear in the Nursery.

There are 3 closets and 1 set of lockers in Tanglewood. Depending on the difficulty, some closets or lockers will be filled with bulky items, preventing players from hiding in them:

  • Amateur: None
  • Intermediate: 1-2
  • Professional: 3
  • Nightmare: 3-4

This excludes the space behind the Master Bedroom closet door, which is always blocked on all difficulties.

The "Master Bedroom" consists of the room of the bedroom itself, the attached bathroom, and the attached closet.

The "Foyer" consists of both the hallway starting from the front door until the closet at the end of the hall leading into the living room, and the hallway parallel to it connecting "Boy Bedroom" [sic], "Nursery", and "Main Bathroom".


  • The Garage door is quite thin, allowing players to see through it from the outside by holding a Video Camera held on a tripod. Certain equipment can also be used outside in this fashion, such as the Spirit Box, if the Garage happens to be the ghost room.
  • Ghosts like the Jinn who have discernable speed differences may not have sufficient room for the player to be able to gauge their abilities. It will be more difficult to identify Yurei, Revenant, Jinn, Raiju, Hantu and other types of ghosts with speed-based abilities. If needed, Smudge Sticks may be used to reduce the likelyhood of death when testing these behaviours.

Ouija Board locations

First Floor

Bone locations

Bones usually spawn near the middle of a room, depending on the room's geometry, though there may be some exceptions. In the Garage, the bone usually spawns around the perimeter of the car.


Teddy bear


  • Tanglewood Street House was the first map to be created.


Early Access (Steam)
19 September 2020
(Part 4)
Removed skeletons that were only visible to dead players.

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