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Tanglewood Street House is a small map in Phasmophobia. It is a small single-story home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Tanglewood can often make for a swift investigation due to its small size, but the open floor plan and only three accessible coat-closets can cause it to be very dangerous during a hunt.


Tanglewood Street House has three bedrooms (including a nursery), two toilets, a garage, and a basement, among other rooms.

This map has 1 Teddy Bear in the Nursery.

Layout tips

  • The "Master Bedroom" consists of the room of the bedroom itself, the attached bathroom, and the attached closet.
  • The "Foyer" consists of both the hallway starting from the front door until the closet at the end of the hall leading into the living room, and the hallway parallel to it connecting "Boy Bedroom", "Nursery", and "Main Bathroom".

Key hiding spots and strategies

There are 3 closets and 1 set of lockers in Tanglewood, as well as 2 "sanctioned" organic spots that can be available to the player:

  • In the nursery behind the the crib
  • In the basement behind 2 pieces of plywood

Depending on the difficulty, some of these hiding spots will be filled with bulky items, preventing players from hiding in them:

  • Amateur: None
  • Intermediate: ≤ 3
  • Professional: ≤ 4
  • Nightmare: ≤ 5

On top of this, 1 additional spot at minimum will be freed up if there are 3 players, and 2 additional at minimum if there are 4 players.

Organic hiding spots are also available in several rooms. Some of these may be blocked by the presence of bulky items or their concealing elements removed.

Looping the ghost may be performed around the kitchen island, dining table, or the car in the garage.

Bone locations

Bones generally spawn randomly, though there is a slight bias for them to spawn closer to the middle of a room.


Cursed Possession locations


  • By standing right up to the exit door, one can use video cameras to look for Ghost Orbs in the Foyer or Living Room before opening the door. Similarly, players can look for Ghost Orbs through the window of the Boy Bedroom.


The potato in the kitchen cabinet.

  • Tanglewood Street House was the first map to be created.
  • A potato easter egg can be found in one of the kitchen cabinets; this is a reference to the popular content creator PsychoHypnotic.
  • The computer in the Boy Bedroom can be turned on, showing the name "Thomas Wilson"; this is a reference to a previously implemented feature where the players were required to find the name of the ghost by searching the building instead of having it given to them from the start. This was later scrapped as it was deemed too hard for players to do so on larger maps.[1] The name "Nancy" above the baby crib in the Nursery is also a reference to this mechanic.


Early Access (Steam)
19 September 2020
(Part 4)
Removed skeletons that were only visible to dead players.