Tanglewood Street House is one of the locations players can visit and is also the location of the game tutorial. It is a small single-story home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. (One in the bedroom by the living room)

Tanglewood can often make for a swift investigation due to its small size, but the open floorplan and only two accessible coat-closets make it very dangerous during a Hunt. This location features a working, interactable television with a remote. It also features several candles that can be lit using a Lighter.


Ouija Board Locations


There are two locations in the basement where the Ouija Board can spawn.

First Floor

Bone Locations

This gallery of Bone locations is incomplete.

Basement Bone Locations

First Floor Bone Locations

Boy Room

Dining Room



Living Room

Main Bathroom

Master Bedroom


Utility Room

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