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Some cards we found, they do crazy stuff.

Objective Board

Tarot cards are a cursed possession that can trigger various random effects on both the player and nearby ghosts.


Tarot card draw action

Drawing a Death card initiates a cursed hunt.

As a cursed possession, tarot cards have a 1 in 7 chance per contract of being chosen as the cursed possession to spawn on a default difficulty (except Insanity), with one specific spawn location per map.

Tarot cards can be picked up (default: E on keyboard) and one card can be drawn (default: right click on mouse) at a time. Tarot cards can only be drawn while inside the investigation area.

Each Tarot cards deck contains 10 randomly generated cards. There are 10 possible card types the player can draw, each having a unique effect on either the player or the ghost. After being used, each card will burn up and vanish in a uniquely-colored flame. Each card type has a different, independent chance of being drawn, so some card types can be drawn multiple times or not at all in a single deck.

Once all ten cards have been used, no more will be given to the player for that contract. When the deck is used up, all future hunts will also be extended by 20 seconds, even if no Death card was drawn prior.[note 1]

Cards List[]

Card Title Effect Burn Color Draw Chance
!TheTower The Tower Doubles all ghost activity for 20 seconds. Blue 20%
!WheelOfFortune The Wheel of Fortune The individual player gains 25% sanity if the card burns green, or loses 25% sanity if the card burns red. Green (sanity gain)
Red (sanity loss)
!TheFool The Fool Randomly selects another card (with equal chance) to appear as, before turning into The Fool as it burns. No effect is applied when drawing this card. Light Purple 17%, 100% during hunts
!TheDevil The Devil Triggers a Ghost Event towards the nearest player to the ghost. Pink 10%
!Death Death Triggers a cursed hunt. Purple 10%
!TheHermit The Hermit Teleports the ghost back to its ghost room and traps it there for 1 minute. This does not affect hunts and ghost events. Cyan 10%
!TheSun The Sun Fully restores the individual player's sanity to 100%. Yellow 5%
!TheMoon The Moon Instantly drops the individual player's sanity to 0%. White 5%
!HighPriestess The High Priestess Revives a randomly chosen dead player at their corpse. If no one is currently dead, it will revive the next player who dies. Multiple cards do not stack. Light Yellow 2%
!HangedMan The Hanged Man Instantly kills the player.
It is impossible to draw the real version of this card if the 'Friendly Ghost' custom difficulty option is turned on. Only The Fool version can be drawn.
N/A 1%


  • The player should not draw a card during a hunt, since all cards drawn will be The Fool.
  • Players should take a photo of the cards before using them, as once all of the cards are used, the deck will disappear and no photo can be taken.
  • Though tarot cards cannot be drawn outside of the investigation area, this can currently be bypassed by drawing a card and leaving while the animation is still ongoing. The card will still take effect.
    • If, while using this method, no players are inside, drawing The Devil will do nothing, and drawing Death will not trigger a hunt but will still extend the duration of subsequent hunts.
  • Trying to take a ghost photo after drawing The Devil can sometimes be tricky, as the card's burning animation needs to be completed before the player can drop the deck. If the triggered event is a singing ghost event, taking the photo will be easier, as this type of event usually lasts longer than the others.
    • When playing in multiplayer, good coordination is useful if players want to take a ghost photo.


  • On Steam, the Tarot Cards act as the game's Trading Cards, and can be purchased and sold on the Community Market.



Early Access (Steam)
0.5.0 Added tarot cards. The Tower now affects D.O.T.S projectors, ghost writing books, and doors.
The High Priestess now revives the next player to die if no player is currently dead. The Tower now doubles all ghost activity for the next 20 seconds, instead of forcing an interaction to occur.


  1. This is very likely a bug.