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These ghosts have been reported to mimic each other's actions. They alternate their attacks to confuse their prey.

The Journal

The Twins is a type of ghost in Phasmophobia. They are known for existing as a "pair", with both Twins able to interact with the environment and start hunts separately.


Despite its name, The Twins is simply one ghost with two interaction ranges. This means that there is one "main" ghost which acts like a normal ghost, while the decoy "twin" can be thought of as an extended interaction range, and not a separate physical ghost. The decoy twin does not set off motion sensors, and cannot respond to the Spirit Box nor lower room temperatures, but its interactions can give off EMF Level 5.[1]

When performing interactions, the "main" ghost can choose to interact from where it is, from where the decoy "twin" is, or both at the same time. This makes it more active interaction-wise, on average.

When the ghost attempts to initiate a hunt, there is a 50% chance for it to begin at the main ghost, and a 50% chance for it to begin from the "twin" that last interacted with the environment. When this happens, the twin which initiated the hunt will follow standard hunting rules like most other ghost types. Both twins cannot hunt at the same time, and the ghost will follow the standard grace period between hunts.

Each "twin" has a different moving speed during hunts. The main ghost moves 10% slower than the standard ghost speed, while the decoy "twin" will move 10% faster. Noticing a subtle change in speed from one hunt to another might indicate that the player is dealing with The Twins.

When using a crucifix in an attempt to prevent hunts, regardless of which "twin" tries to hunt, the crucifix check will be applied for only the main ghost, even if the hunt is trying to start from the decoy "twin" far away.


Strengths and weaknesses

These are the strengths and weaknesses as listed in the journal:

Strength: Either Twin can be angered and initiate an attack on their prey.

Weakness: The Twins will often interact with the environment at the same time.


The Twin's primary strength is their ability to misdirect: the wandering Twin can very easily conjure red herring interactions at parts of the map far from the main Twin that grants evidence, misleading hunters and delaying their efforts to gather evidence. This can be be especially troublesome on bigger maps like Asylum when trying to locate the ghost room. However, the wandering Twin's inability to give evidence past EMF Level 5 can also be used against it: using a thermometer and noting a lack of Freezing Temperatures (or, at the very least, notable temperature drops) where ghost activity is noted, or failing to receive Spirit Box responses in rooms near where interactions occurred, are strong signs of the antics of a wandering Twin causing trouble.

Due to The Twins having two choices in regards to angles of attack for any given hunt, it is recommended to plan for the event that one of the Twins "blocks" a planned escape route.


Early Access (Steam)
0.4.0 Added The Twins.


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