"All ghosts make areas cold however some ghosts have been known to drop temperatures even further."

The Thermometer is a purchasable piece of Equipment used to read the temperatures in the nearby environment.

The Thermometer can be used to detect Evidence of Freezing Temperatures and is a reliable tool to locate the Ghost Room.

How It Works

The Thermometer will update its temperature reading every 2 seconds, reading by default in degrees Celsius (°C).

The Thermometer reads the temperature by casting a 6-metre ray in the direction the player is facing, making it a directional tool. The recorded temperature fluctuates within a range of ±2 degrees, both for Celsius and Fahrenheit.

If the Fuse Box is turned off, all rooms will start to drop in temperatures until it reaches 5°C. If it is turned on, the temperatures will rise to normal except for the Ghost Room

In Professional difficulty, the fuse box starts turned off which means all the rooms are at 5°C, which makes it harder to identify the Ghost Room early on the mission.

Temperature Thresholds

The following are applicable if the Fuse Box is turned on and all rooms are at normal temperature.

Temperatures at or below 10°C/50°F (± 2°C/°F) is generally an indication that the player is either in or next to the Ghost Room.

Temperatures at or below 0°C/32°F (± 2°C/°F) will cause the player's breath to become visible, indicating and providing evidence of Freezing Temperatures.

Unless in Professional difficulty, the temperature of the Ghost Room usually starts like any other room (which is around 15°C) and will decrease over time until it reaches 5°C for non-freezing ghosts or -10°C for freezing ghosts.

As with other interactive hand-held items, players can switch another player's equipped Thermometer on or off.


  • The Thermometer can read a room's temperature through the door, allowing players to walk up to a door and check for a temperature reading without opening it. This can be especially helpful on larger maps and/or jobs where players have a hard time pinpointing the Ghost Room, wherein leaving doors closed for the Ghost to open can indicate its location.

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