Phasmophobia Wiki

Training is a tutorial mission available in Phasmophobia, designed to help new players get acquainted with the gaming process.


Tanglewood Street House is always used as the Training map. When the player spawns in the map, instead of the Objective Board displaying the various objectives and information about the ghost, it simply states that the ghost is non-violent, that the player should read the instructions on the television slideshow, and states the name of the Ghost Room. Objectives will also not be listed in the journal.

The slideshow within the house will display basic information about game mechanics such as Sanity and provide a step by step guide to gather the evidence necessary to identify the type of the ghost haunting the premises. The player will be provided with the starter items, and any equipment that they have bought will be automatically added up to the maximum limit.


In Training, the Setup Phase will last infinitely even after the exit door has been opened, so hunts do not occur even when the player's sanity reaches 0%. The ghost will only provide interactions and thus will not manifest itself in any way (except for its silhouette briefly appearing on a D.O.T.S. Projector). Sanity drain is equal to that of an Amateur game during the Setup Phase.

Cursed possessions do not spawn in Training.

Trainings do not grant any form of monetary or experience point rewards (therefore, taking pictures of interactions will not show up as "Interaction" in the Journal), but the "Get a Spirit Box response" Daily Challenge can be completed and paid out. Also, the whiteboard will not show statistics like it does after a normal game ends.