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Training is a single-player game mode specifically designed to help players make their first steps in the shoes of a ghost hunter in Phasmophobia.

The Training always takes place at the Tanglewood Street House. In normal games, the white board inside the Van will display a briefing and various objectives for the mission. In the case of a Training, the player is simply informed that the Ghost is non-violent and instructed to read the slide show displayed on the television in the living room. The location of the Ghost will also be already provided and there is no Setup Phase. In training, Sanity drain due to darkness will be equal to that of a regular solo Amateur game after the Setup Phase.[verify] All other Sanity mechanics remain equal.

Although Objectives are not displayed on the board, they will still be displayed in the Journal, and most of them can be completed as normal.

The slide show inside the house will teach the player about game mechanics such as Sanity and provide a step by step guide to gather the evidence necessary to identify the type of the Ghost haunting the premises. The player will also be provided with the starter items, plus all of the equipment that they have bought up to the maximum limit.

The Ghost in Training will never kill the player, although non-lethal interactions and ghost Events can occur. Hunts do not occur in Training, even when the player's sanity is at 0%.

Trainings do not grant any form of monetary or experience point rewards.

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