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Tripods are used to mount video cameras, essentially acting as a portable surface for them.


Picking up a video camera and placing it on top of the tripod will mount the camera on the tripod. Carrying the tripod afterwards will bring the camera along as well, so the player does not need to carry both an empty tripod and an unmounted video camera. The video camera can be removed from the tripod by picking it up.

A tripod must be placed by dropping it; it cannot be placed via the Secondary Use key. The tripod drop directly below the player, and will face the direction the player was facing when they dropped it. Tripods are bulky items, and thus take up your hand slot while carrying it; they cannot be stored in your inventory, and switching to another item or hand while carrying a tripod will automatically drop the tripod.

Tripods can be used to position video cameras in places where no suitable surface is available to place a video camera alone. The height is also suitable for observing any evidence of D.O.T.S. Projector.


Early Access Alpha
19 June 2020 Tripods are now level-locked.
17 September 2020 Tripods can no longer be placed on the VR inventory belt.
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