"Some Ghosts have been known to leave fingerprints on doors, windows and light switches. This will show up with a UV Light."

The UV Flashlight is a purchasable starter item used to detect Fingerprints and Footprints. It can be carried and activated at the same time as a standard Flashlight or Strong Flashlight, but the faint fingerprints might not be visible under their light.

How It Works

Some ghosts will occasionally leave Fingerprints on doors, light switches, and windows. The UV Flashlight provides a much easier method of detecting these prints than the Glow Stick due to the significantly increased effective range.

Simply turn on the UV Flashlight and begin looking at doors, light switches, and windows for fingerprint evidence.

Note that it is possible to see fingerprints while your regular or strong flashlight is on, though it might be difficult to see them in the light of the flashlight.


  • A UV Flashlight is not required to take a photo of fingerprints, only for players to see them; they may be discovered by errant photographs without having a UV Flashlight at all.
  • UV Lights can be turned on and thrown around the house to light up the space, since the ghost can't turn them off.
  • As with the regular Flashlight, it will flicker during a Hunt.


UV Flashlight on a shelf in the truck.

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