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The van, also referred to as a truck, is a vehicle presumably used to transport players from the lobby to the respective map for their contract and back.


Inside look of the Van

After a contract is started, players will spawn in the van, followed by the equipment brought by the players for the contract. It also houses the computer, sanity monitor, the site map, sound monitor, site activity monitor and the setup timer.

Once all players have loaded in, the back of the van can be opened via left-clicking the keypad on the left side when facing the back from the inside, allowing players to walk to the building or investigation area. When leaving, all living players must be on the van for the doors and ramp to close. Dead players do not have to be on the van for this to work.

While the van is still closing up, the keypad can be used again to reopen the van, but only after the doors have begun to swing close.

Certain equipment such as motion sensors cannot be placed inside or around the van. Video cameras and photo cameras will turn on automatically outside the van, and turn off when inside the van.

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