The Van is the starting location for every Map. It is where every player spawns, along with the added Equipment brought by the players for the contract. It also houses the Computer, Sanity Monitor, the current site's Map Screen, Sound Sensor Screen, and the Site Activity Monitor. The Van has lights that cannot be toggled, or disabled by any means, and will pause Sanity drain indefinitely while you are inside.

The keypad located beside the exit ramp/door controls the raising/lowering of the ramp/doors, with a few conditions.

  • The door starts closed by default. Attempts to open it before all players are loaded will be ignored.
  • Similarly, the keypad will ignore attempts to close it without every living Player on board. Dead players are ignored.
  • After closing the Van's ramp/doors, pressing the keypad again before you are sent to the lobby will open the ramp/doors again and cancels the process of being sent to the lobby.

Equipment like Motion Sensors cannot be placed inside or around the Van.

Map Features
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