Phasmophobia Wiki

"This DSLR Camera has been fine tuned to take videos of the paranormal. The camera has a live feed to your base of operations."

The video camera is a piece of electronic Starter Equipment used to detect Ghost Orbs.


When a video camera is picked up, the flip screen will open automatically. If the player is inside the van, they must get off the van for the flip screen to open. The video camera can be used handheld with its built-in display or placed on the floor or a tripod.

When looking at a valid spot, a translucent preview of the video camera will appear, showing the angle it will face when placed. If the player is not placing the camera on a tripod, the camera can be rotated in preview mode by holding left click. Be aware that even though certain spots are shown as valid, the camera may tip over or fall due to the geometry or other objects placed on the surface. The video camera will automatically start streaming its video feed to the computer when open or placed.

Night vision can be toggled while holding the active video camera or via the computer keyboard. When night vision is turned on, any Ghost Orbs present can be seen through the video camera.


The video camera's night vision function is very useful when using a D.O.T.S Projector as the ghost's silhouette is harder to see without night vision.

The video camera can also be used to maintain surveillance on areas such as hallways, rooms, and the fuse box. This can allow for easy viewing of certain stationary evidence like Fingerprints, Ghost Writing, EMF Level 5, salt, or D.O.T.S Projector. However, the video feed becomes extremely distorted whenever the ghost manifests during a Ghost Event or a hunt, making observation very difficult.



Early Access Alpha
22 March 2020 Video cameras are now a starter item.
2 April 2020 Video cameras can now be rotated on non-VR.
3 April 2020 A video camera preview is now shown when aiming at a tripod.
6 April 2020 The hand now shows when holding a video camera.
14 May 2020 Video cameras are now rotated better when held in VR.
15 August 2020
(Part 3)
The placement range of video cameras has been reduced from 3 metres to 1.6 metres.
Early Access (Steam)
0.3.0 The video camera model has been updated.
Video feed is now displayed on the video camera.
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