Security camera in Brownstone High School.

The Video Feed (also known as CCTV or Camera System) is a feature included in every Map and is used to give players extra surveillance from inside the Van, which is accessible by using the Computer. The location of whichever camera is being viewed on the van's computer monitor will be colored green on the map inside the van.

Each map has a specific number of cameras, increasing with both map size and the number of player Video Cameras that are currently toggled on. Even if the map's fuse box is turned off, the cameras will not be disabled.

The number of cameras in each map is as followed:

1 Camera:

  • Tanglewood Street House
  • Edgefield Street House
  • Ridgeview Road House
  • Grafton Farmhouse
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse

11 Cameras:

  • Prison

15 Cameras:

  • Brownstone High School
  • Asylum

More will be listed as they are added to the game. See Maps for more information.

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