The Voodoo Doll is an evidence similar to the Bone. Taking a picture of it with the Photo Camera will grant a photo reward at the end of the mission, but it does not reward any extra for picking it up. You can get multiple photo rewards if multiple Voodoo Dolls are found (One photo per Voodoo Doll).

Taking a picture of the Voodoo Doll after this interaction will count towards Photo Evidence in the Interaction category.

The Voodoo Doll has odd physics compared to many objects and is known to bounce or slide a bit when dropped or thrown, potentially falling out of the map. This is due to unique collision detection on the voodoo doll's hitbox. Contrary to some myths, the direction of its movement is irrelevant to anything but the game's physics. It does not show the location of the Ghost Room.

Voodoo dolls can currently only be found on Farmhouses.

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