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We found this doll, it made the ghost angry.

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The voodoo doll (or tortured voodoo doll) is a cursed possession used to force the ghost to perform interactions.


A small doll with buttons for eyes and stitched lips.

Voodoo doll before the 0.5.0 update

The voodoo doll has a 1 in 7 chance, per contract, of being chosen as the cursed possession that will appear with one specific spawn location per map.

Interacting with the voodoo doll will cause one of the 10 pins stuck in the doll to be pushed into it at random. This will cause the ghost to perform an interaction, and will drop the user's sanity by 5%. These forced interactions can include EMF Level 5 and Ultraviolet sources, but not the Ghost Writing Book nor the D.O.T.S. Projector.

If the heart pin is pressed down, the user's sanity will drain by 10%, and the ghost will initiate a cursed hunt. If the user's sanity is at 0%, all remaining pins will be pushed in and a cursed hunt will also occur.

Photo rewards[]

Taking a photo of a voodoo doll will yield a photo labelled as Voodoo Doll and reward up to $5 and 5XP, depending on the distance it was taken from.


  • The voodoo doll is best saved for after the favourite room has been found. Use it for the ghost to interact with evidence sources rather than waiting extended periods for the ghost to do it on its own.
  • When using the voodoo doll with no sanity, all pressed remaining pins may cause multiple objects to be thrown at the same time. Be mindful of this to not confuse the ghost with a Poltergeist.



Early Access (Steam)
0.5.0 Updated the voodoo doll model.
Voodoo doll spawning is now tied to it being a cursed possession instead of specific maps.
Voodoo dolls are now used to force the ghost to perform an interaction.
Voodoo dolls now have its own photo label. Pushing the heart pin now triggers the hunt instantly, instead of after the animation. Voodoo Doll pins can now force the ghost to interact with the Ghost Writing Book, D.O.T.S Projector and doors, instead of just clutter.
0.9.0 The Voodoo Doll can no longer force the ghost to interact with the Ghost Writing Book and the D.O.T.S. Projector.

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