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The voodoo doll (or tortured voodoo doll) is a cursed possession used to force the ghost to perform interactions.


A small doll with buttons for eyes and stitched lips.

Voodoo doll before the 0.5.0 update

The voodoo doll has a 1 in 6 chance of being chosen as the cursed possession that will spawn per contract.

Taking a picture of a voodoo doll with the photo camera will give photo rewards, and is counted as a Voodoo Doll picture.

Interacting with the voodoo doll will cause one of the 10 pins stuck in the doll to be pushed into it at random. This will cause the ghost to perform an interaction, and will drop the user's sanity by 5%. These forced interactions can include evidence sources past EMF Level 5, such as making the ghost interact with Ghost Writing Books, create silhouettes in D.O.T.S. Projectors, and touch doors, windows, and light switches for Fingerprints.

If the heart pin is pressed down, the user's sanity will drop by 10%, and the ghost will initiate a cursed hunt. Additionally, if the user's sanity is less than the sanity that the pressed pin would drain, all remaining pins will also get pushed in and a cursed hunt will also occur.


  • The voodoo doll is best saved for after the ghost room has been found, and it is desired for the ghost to interact with evidence sources rather than having to risk waiting extended periods for it to do it on its own.


Early Access (Steam)
0.5.0 The voodoo doll model has been updated.
Voodoo doll spawning is now tied to it being a cursed possession instead of specific maps.
Voodoo dolls are now used to force the ghost to perform an interaction.
Voodoo dolls now have its own photo label. Pushing the heart pin now triggers the hunt instantly, instead of after the animation. ’The Tower’ card and Voodoo Doll pins can now force the ghost to interact with the Ghost Writing Book, DOTS Projector and doors, instead of only interacting with clutter.

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