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Each time you start a contract, the location will have different weather, adding new layers of gameplay and making each contract feel unique. Change in temperature will make finding the ghost's location more difficult, rain or wind will impair your hearing, and a thick fog will reduce visibility.

Phasmophobia Nightmare Update Announcement[src]

Weather is a mechanic intended to enhance gameplay and affect temperatures within the map.


There are currently five types of weather, among which one will be randomly chosen per game. Each weather type will roll for a 20% chance. Depending on what weather type is present, players may experience auditory and visual obstacles.

Weather can play a major part in the Maple Lodge Campsite map as it is mainly played outside. The Asylum map can be considered to always have the "standard" or Clear Skies weather.

If the weather is Light or Heavy Rain, Strong Wind or Light Snow, temperatures will go as low as 0°C (32°F) in the ghost's current room. Otherwise, the ghost's current room will have a minimum temperature of 3°C (37.4°F). Lower average temperatures can make finding the ghost using thermometers or ruling out Freezing Temperatures more difficult. However, temperatures will only drop into the negatives (or below 3°C for Clear Skies) in the ghost's current room if the ghost has Freezing Temperature as an evidence.

Noise disruption does not affect the insides of buildings in particular; only minor noise pollution occurs (aside from thunder).

Clear Skies

Willow Street House with Clear Skies Weather.

The "standard" weather type, and adds no additional features to gameplay. Surroundings are quite dim, and a blue mist lies in the distance.

Illumination: Poor

Vision: High

Noise disruption: Low


Edgefield Street House with Fog Weather.

The map will be covered in a thick mist, obscuring your view. The fog lingers inside any buildings, and makes it much more difficult to see with night vision through a Video Camera and the Head Mounted Camera.

This weather type is currently unavailable, and will be re-added in a future update.

Illumination: Modest

Vision: Poor

Noise disruption: Low

Example of how night vision looks with fog inside on Edgefield Street House.

Light Rain

Ridgeview Road House with Light Rain Weather.

This weather type adds a modest rainfall which makes noise. Flames are not affected by the rain.

Illumination: Modest

Vision: High

Noise disruption: Modest

Heavy Rain

Maple Lodge Campsite with Heavy Rain weather.

Maple Lodge Campsite with Heavy Rain Weather.

The rainfall and thunder causes loud noise and the map is heavily obscured.

Candles and lighters cannot be lit in the rain. When a Candle or Lighter is lit inside and brought outside, it will be extinguished within 3 seconds. A Candle can, however, be bypassed to remain lit in rain if scrolled through inventory when already lit.

You cannot light the Campfire in Maple Lodge Campsite with Heavy Rain weather. Objective 'Get the Ghost to blow out a Candle' can be difficult on the map if the Ghost room is outside. Candles and Lighters will be extinguished by rain inside Male Toilets, this is believed to be a bug.

Illumination: Poor

Vision: Modest

Noise disruption: High

Strong Wind

Grafton Farmhouse with Strong Wind Weather.

This weather type makes surrounding trees emit loud noise. The wind makes leaves rustle, making it a fairly loud weather type. The light scattering is high and it is quite easy to see outside without a light source.

Illumination: High

Vision: High

Noise disruption: Modest

Light Snow

Tanglewood Streethouse with Light Snow weather.

Frequent snowflakes will fall from the sky, though snow will not accumulate on the ground. A light mist lingers around the map.

Illumination: Modest

Vision: Modest

Noise Disruption: Low


Early Access Alpha
2 February 2020 Jinns can no longer manipulate the weather.
? Weather is now limited to rain on Tanglewood Street House.
Early Access (Steam)
0.4.0 Added 6 types of weather.
Tanglewood Street House is no longer always raining. Heavy rain visuals have been updated.
Weather conditions have been optimised for better performance. Foggy weather is temporarily removed.