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Willow Street House is a map in Phasmophobia. It is a small, single-story home with two bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as a small garage and a basement. It is one of the smallest maps in the game, being only slightly larger than Tanglewood Street House, but feels almost tiny due to its spacious open rooms, a sharp contrast to the congested environments of the other two street houses.

Willow Street House can often make for a swift investigation due to its small size, but the lack of lockers, closets, and easily-accessible side rooms to hide in makes it very dangerous during a hunt. As such, players will have to learn the ins and outs of hiding behind furniture during a hunt in order to survive.


Willow Street House consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a garage, and a large basement, among other rooms. It also contains 1 Teddy Bear, found on the first floor in Boys Bedroom.

Willow Street House does not contain any closets or lockers. Depending on the difficulty, some hiding spots will be filled with bulky items, preventing players from hiding in them:

  • Amateur: None
  • Intermediate: 4
  • Professional: 6
  • Nightmare: 8

See Third-party tools for a list of detailed map viewers that players may use.


  • Despite the lack of closets or lockers, there are various excellent hiding spots on this map where the ghost will never or almost never wander provided the player does not attract its attention or has not been seen hiding by the ghost. Keep in mind that most of these spots might be blocked on higher difficulties.
    • Hiding behind the plastic trashcan at the back of the hallway in the basement is a relatively safe spot as the ghost will rarely wander past it during a hunt, unless it sees the player hide there.
    • There are three good hiding spots in the garage near the garage door; one behind a large piece of plywood, one at the hood of the truck, and the other behind a blue tool cabinet. While the plywood hiding spot might be blocked depending on the difficulty, the truck and tool cabinet spots will never be and offers a decent choice if there are no better options available.
    • The space between the washing machines and the wall in the laundry room attached to the garage is also an excellent hiding spot, not to mention that the geometry of the location will allow the player to break line of sight multiple times if they are being chased by the ghost.
    • The space between the fridge and the oven in the corner of the kitchen is a good hiding spot as the ghost will rarely wander in this area of the room.
    • The living room is one of the worst rooms to hide in, as it provides little in terms of line-of-sight blockers. If the player happens to be trapped inside this room during a hunt but the ghost has not seen them, hiding behind the cabinet by the corner is their best option.
      • If the ghost has seen the player and starts chasing, using the couch to loop it and escape through the kitchen door might potentially save the player.
    • Both bedrooms provide very good hiding spots where the ghost will not often look.
  • Counterintuitively, the glass doors will block the line of sight of the ghost, allowing players to hide behind them all the while being able to safely observe the ghost. This is especially true for the right door of the garage which will open against a wall, creating a tight hiding spot provided the player holds the door open.
  • Currently, players in VR can hide under the dining table (in the kitchen) by lying on the ground, which will entirely protect them from the ghost even if spotted.

Teddy bear

Bone locations

Bones usually spawn near the middle of a room, depending on the room's geometry, though there may be some exceptions.


Cursed possession locations


Early Access (Steam)
0.29.0/0.29.6 Added Willow Street House map.