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Yokai are common ghosts that are attracted to human voices. They can usually be found haunting family homes.

The Journal[src]

Yokai is one of 21 types of ghosts in Phasmophobia. It is sensitive to voices, and becomes more aggressive while players are speaking nearby, which allows it to start a hunt even at high sanity levels. At the same time, while it is hunting the radius in which it can hear players is much smaller compared to the other ghost types.


The abilities of a Yokai pertain to the presence of players' voices near it. The Yokai's hunt sanity threshold is increased to 80% while players are talking within a certain range of it, otherwise, it has the normal threshold of 50%. Talking near the Yokai at any sanity will also increase its activity.

During hunts, a Yokai can only hear voices or sense electronics that are within 2 meters of it.


Journal quote

Strength: Talking near a Yokai will anger it, increasing the chance of an attack.

Weakness: When hunting, a Yokai can only hear voices close to it.


From the beginning, hunters should not talk too much inside of the Ghost Room until evidence is acquired that rules out the possibility of the ghost being a Yokai. With the Yokai's increased aggressiveness when players are talking, it is able to initiate hunt at very high average sanity levels and therefore very early into an investigation; on top of this, it has an average hunt chance even when players are silent.[verify] If there is the threat of the ghost being a Yokai, players need to speak only when necessary, such as when interacting with the Spirit Box. Be mindful that other ghosts such as Demons can also hunt early.

Given that the Yokai's weakness is its short hearing radius during hunts, as long as the ghost is far enough and players do not talk near stairways (as the ghost may come down or up without players noticing), it is safe for players to talk without attracting the ghost. As with all ghosts, however, it is generally much safer to simply remain quiet during a hunt rather than try to exploit its reduced hearing to communicate at the risk of it coming within earshot of you.



Early Access (Steam)
May 18, 2021 Yokai is added to the Trello as In Progress.
0.29.6 Added Yokai as a ghost type.
0.3.0 The evidence for Yokai has been changed to Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, and D.O.T.S. Projector.

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