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A Yurei is a ghost that has returned to the physical world, usually for the purpose of revenge or hatred.

The Journal[src]

The Yurei is one of twenty types of ghosts in Phasmophobia. Although it does not have any implicit bonuses to its ability to hunt, its main distinction is its higher drain on the hunters' sanity during a manifestation; if hunters are careless with their sanity, it will become aggressive very quickly.


During a Ghost Event, if the player is near a Yurei, their sanity will drop by 0.4% per second compared to 0.2% per second with most other ghosts, similar to the Phantom. This also applies if the player is within 10 meters of a Yurei during a hunt. A Yurei also has a rare ability to drop the sanity of all players by a certain amount. How close players need to be to be affected by this ability is unknown.

The Yurei does not have any special effect on players' sanity outside of these events. The player's sanity will not drop quicker in the dark.

When Smudge Sticks are used on the Yurei, it will not leave the room[note 1] that it is currently in for 90 seconds.


Journal quote

Strength: Yureis have been known to have a stronger effect on people (sic) sanity.

Weakness: Smudging the Yurei's place of death will trap it temporarily, reducing how much it wanders.


Be sure to get away from the Yurei when it does manifest if you aren't taking a photo of it.

Although the Yurei does not constantly decrease player sanity, it still has a potential for impact. Sanity Pills should be used when necessary, as players will ultimately reach lower sanity levels faster, allowing for the Yurei to become more aggressive and be able trigger hunts sooner into a mission. This is especially important on smaller maps such as Willow Street House and Tanglewood Street House (and generally any closet hiding spots), as the Yurei's 10-meter sanity drain will affect players much more often.



Early Access Alpha
5 August 2020 Added Yurei as a ghost type.
Early Access (Steam) The Yurei's sanity ability has been added.
0.3.0 The evidence for Yurei has been changed to Ghost Orb, Freezing Temperatures, and D.O.T.S. Projector.


  1. As defined by the game
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