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A Yurei is a ghost that has returned to the physical world, usually for the purpose of revenge or hatred.

The Journal

The Yurei is a type of ghost in Phasmophobia. Although it does not have any implicit bonuses to its ability to hunt, its main distinction is its ability to quickly drain the player's sanity; if players are careless, it may become aggressive quicker.


The Yurei has the ability to drop the sanity of all players within 7.5 metres by about 15%. When this happens, one randomly selected door (if available) in the ghost's current room will close rapidly, with the door shutting sound lagging by up to 2 seconds.[note 1][1] This does not count as a ghost event, so the ghost will not appear or hiss. Players outside the investigation area will not be affected by the sanity drain.

The Yurei is more likely to perform "airball" ghost events.

When Smudge Sticks are used on the Yurei, in addition to preventing hunts and increasing activity, it will not leave the room that it is currently in for 90 seconds.


Strengths and weaknesses

These are the strengths and weaknesses as listed in the journal:

Strength: Yureis have been known to have a stronger effect on people sanity.

Weakness: Smudging the Yurei's place of death will trap it temporarily, reducing how much it wanders.


Generally, keeping doors wide open near the ghost will help one to observe when the Yurei uses its ability. If the ghost fully shuts a door from an open state, then it is likely a Yurei. Note that any ghost can shut a door in the same manner, especially if the door is only slightly ajar. Additionally, any ghost can close doors in the same manner during a hunt or an actual ghost event; one should only look out for the Yurei's ability outside of hunts and ghost events.

As long as the player is within range of the Yurei when it performs its ability, the sanity drain will apply even if the player is outside the investigation area, and even when there are no doors. Look out for sudden drops in the sanity of individual players, or what may feel like an early hunt; these may be a result of the Yurei using its ability.


  • Yūrei are Japanese folklore ghosts known for haunting a specific location at a specific time (generally corresponding to their time of death). They are famous for having an appearance which strikes fear into their foes, often resulting in self-mutilation or suicide.


Early Access Alpha
5 August 2020 Added Yurei.
Early Access (Steam) Added the Yurei's ability to drain sanity of nearby players.
0.3.0 Prior to 0.3.0, the evidence was Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing, and Freezing Temperatures.
0.5.0 Doors near the Yurei will now close when it uses its sanity drain ability. Only one door will now close instead of multiple when the sanity drain ability is used. Players outside the investigation area will no longer be affected by the Yurei's sanity ability.



  1. For a fully open door
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